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Bevel and Chamfer Cutters

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  1. TCT Bevelled

    TCT Bevelled

    A range of bevelled cutters designed to bevel large sections of timber, chipboard and MDF. Suitable for material up to 30mm thick. These cutters are for profiling only.
  2. TCT Chamfer Heavy Duty

    TCT Chamfer Heavy Duty

    The ideal heavy duty cutter for producing splay work. These cutters have a bottom cut facility.
  3. TCT Combinations Trimmers

    TCT Combinations Trimmers

    Titman Combination Trimmers are designed for popular small hand-held machines to bevel and trim Formica overhang.
  4. TCT Chamfer With Guide Pin

    TCT Chamfer With Guide Pin

    Available in two angles, 45 degree and 30 degree, for bevelling small sheet materials, ie plywood etc.
  5. TCT Internal Bevel

    TCT Internal Bevel

    To enable square frames to be moulded after assembly and prevent scribing work when tenoning. Bearing diameter 3.75mm.
  6. TCT Adjustable Chamfer With Bearing (Made To Order)

    TCT Adjustable Chamfer with Bearing

    For bevelling and trimming the top and bottom edges of the workpiece. Adjust the four wing trimmer blocks with spacers for differing widths of material. Maximum material thickness 36mm, minimum material thickness 19mm.
Set Descending Direction

6 Item(s)