Titman - defining router tooling

No designed for Portable Routing machines

No plunging facility

N. Max 18000

TCT Finger Jointing Set

The system comes complete with six blades, arbor, bearing and relevant spacers to machine up to the maximum material thickness.

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By reducing the number of finger cutters on the arbor and using the tapered butting cutter varying thicknesses of material can be jointed.

Ensure material to be used is mounted square if the perfect fit is to be achieved.

Finger depth 6mm.

Timber thickness: Min 11mm, Max 36mm.

Use the following combination of cutters to achieve the jointing of different material thicknesses.

Always use the tapered butting cutter in the combination:

1 finger: Min 11mm, Max 16mm.
2 fingers: Min 16mm, Max 21mm.
3 fingers: Mix 21mm, Max 26mm.
4 fingers: Min 26mm, Max 31mm.
5 fingers: Min 31mm, Max 36mm.

TCT Finger Jointing Set

  • TCT Finger Jointing Set
Code Description D mm Shank Stock Price Qty
TTVFJS2 TCT Finger Jointing Set 40
In Stock
TTB28 Replacement steel bearing. D=28mm 26
Out of stock
TTVFJSA Replacement Arbor
Out of stock
TTVFJSFG Finger Cutter
Out of stock
TTVFJSFB Tapered Butting Cutter
Out of stock
TTVFJSS Spacer 3.4mm
Out of stock