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Premier Economy Plus

CNC routers for jointing, rebating and grooving in solid woods, melamine, paper, HPL-laminated foiled and veneered panels.

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Z = 2

Diameters 8 & 10mm have a carbide body to minimize vibration.
Negative shear angle to ensure a fine cut on the surface of the material.
Full cut with continuous tips to achieve a fault free finish.
n.max = 24,000 rpm and feed speed depends on the material 1-9m/minute

Z = 2+2

TCT plunge tip for diagonal plunge cutting.
Staggered tips with opposite shear angles for a smoother cut and better finish.
Great cutting quality thanks to the 4-wing design of the tips.
Less cutting forces and less noise thanks to the optimized tool body also ensures a longer cutting edge than the Z=2 economy cutter.
n.max = 24,000 rpm and feed speed up to 5 - 15m/minute (with smaller cut depths up to 20m/min) can be achieved.
High quality finish and excellent cut durability due to opposite axial angles with 2 alternate tips for the perfect finish on both sides of the board.
Shaped for the best dust extraction and tool durability.
TCT Plunge Tip.
Reduced PCD tip height.
Screw for regulating the mount height of the shank on 16, 20 and 25mm shank diameters.
Special bodies in 8mm and 10mm to avoid breakage.
Gold coating.

Premier Economy Plus

  • Premier Economy Plus
Code Description D mm L1 mm L2 mm Shank Stock Price Qty
PCD5024001 Premier Economy Plus (Z=2) 8 15 70
In Stock
PCD5024002 Premier Economy Plus (Z=2) 10 20 70
In Stock
PCD5024003 Premier Economy Plus (Z=2) 12 25 75
In Stock
PCD5024004 Premier Economy Plus (Z=2+2) 12 28 90
In Stock
PCD5024005 Premier Economy Plus (Z=2+2) 18 27.38 90
In Stock
PCD5024006 Premier Economy Plus (Z=2+2) 20 28 95
In Stock
PCD5024007 Premier Economy Plus (Z=2+2) 20 37 105
In Stock
PCD5024008 Premier Economy Plus (Z=2+2) 20 47 115
In Stock