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PCD 3+3 Premier Nesting

High performance shank cutter for grooving (Nesting application) of chipboard, MDF, multiplex, wood based panels with or without coatings.

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High performance nesting cutter with spiral cutting edge and alternate shear angles and gullets, for optimal chip removal at fast feed rates.
For tear free cut edges on both sides of the work piece.
With PCD plunge tip.
Z = 3 + 3
Feed rates depending on number of teeth and diameter as well as material up to 30m/min (n.max 24,000)

PCD 3+3 Premier Nesting

  • PCD 3+3 Premier Nesting
Code Description D mm L1 mm L2 mm Shank Stock Price Qty
PCD5023001 PCD 3+3 Premier Nesting 12 24 70
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